Thats not my life

hey world .

a few more days to go . then i kena balik semula ke melaka . well , i prefer to call melaka as hell . i dont know why . please lah . i dont want go back to melaka . like seriously okay . hm but nak buad macam mana . nak tak nak kena balik juga ke sana . im happy with my life . here . in klang . in kuala lumpur . i can get whatever i want . i can go wherever i want to go . i can do whatever i want to do . but when im in melaka . baaang ! im stuck in that silly college . surrounded by stupid fucking people . hewh . annoying . seriously . annoying lah stupid . urghh .

i wish i can stop study right now , right at this moment . melaka is not my place . melaka is not my life . i feel regret . why i choose to be at melaka . damn it . now i have to be in melaka for three years . its such a loooong way to go . lama lagi nak habis tiga tahun ni . ya Allah . ive made wrong decision . i wish i boleh putar kan balik masa yang lepas . if i tak tersalah pilih course , confirm - confirm dah satu campus dengan fadzly . but now dah terlambat . nak tak nak kena juga habiskan masa dekat tempat ni . hmm

i have to be strong . dont show to others people that im weak . i know i can face it . elehh . 3 years only maa . pejam celik pejam celik . habis lah study uh .  and swear to God . once i habis study ni , im going to continue my study dengan course yang berbeza . i want to be an architect . not a businesswoman . all my friends , my teachers and my family support me to be an architect . they know that i love designing . and i know , one day i can be an architect , insyallah . hihi

so dont be too sad zyda . i know melaka is not your life . always set in your mind , you came to melaka with one reason . and the reason is study . after three years you can get back your life . your lovely life with your lovely people around you . dont give up okay . you can do it . hoyeahhh haha .
Im sorry if Im using broken english